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Mortal World After wind and rain, there may not be a beautiful sky It is not that fair weather will bring rainbows Although your countenance is innocent It doesn't mean you are ignorant Not that all relationships will have a beginning and a conclusion The final point of loneliness need not be frightening But life inevitably cannot avoid that first stab of pain Wishing that your eyes will only see laughing faces Wishing that every tear you shed will let people be moved Wishing that your every dream henceforth will not turn out empty In heavens and in the mortal world, if there are real singing of praises It is only because there's you that they become lively Vast skies and earth, the world is more drowsy than you imagine I can't bear to deceive (you) anymore, hoping that you will understand Wishing that you will know when to go and when to follow.

lyrics: Lin Xi / translation: Kim

This session is being updated. As the name indicated, it is about graphic I made or pictures I draw. Of course about Faye only. Sometimes I think the faces I draw don't look like faye, but oh well, spiritually, it's her!


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