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Welcome to Fayenimation! To my knowledge, I believe this site is the first Faye Wong fansite with most animations and cartoons.So I really hope I can make a difference and you will enjoy surfing this site. Most importantly, please remember not to use my graphics for your personal uses. They are copyrighted. If you want to use the cartoons for your page, please ask for my permission. I know all Fayenatics are mature enough to understand this.

4-16-01:I hopeyou all haven't been disappointed. I know I seldom update ... I am planning to have an online diary, but i need to speed up my pc becoz it's damn slow now, it takes forever to load, be patient la.


6-11-01::: a new style has added. 4-04-01::: a new CG, Faye at Victoria Harbour.

If you have any difficulties loading this page, or you have any suggestion for me, please email me at: