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This is my first homepage, sorry it's not done yet. This site will be about Faye Wong's music and my drawings of Faye. All the images you are looking in this site are my creations, so please don't put them on your own website and treat them as yours without my permission, they are copyrighted. Anyway, I hope you will have fun surfing my site later when I finished the site. Right now i am trying to test everything, so you will find some of the content does not make any sense, or you can find many broken links, but make sure to check back later, you will be surprised by any future update :)


This part is mainly for the updates of my art session. Whenever I have added any new stuff or made some changes about the graphic and animations, I will announce them here. So please check back later.

I am satisfied with this layout I made. I used 5 frames to make this page so you may find it pretty slow to completely load the entire page. But be patient, I will try to simplify it as soon as possible. I have applied another web page provider so that the page canl load faster, but unfortunately there are always annoying ad banners which really distort my site in a bizarre way. Anyhow, if you have any difficulties loading this page, or you have any suggestion for me, please email me to my email address:

It will be great to hear your comment!