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Online Scheduling
Allow registered patients to schedule their appointments online. Update and track appointments in real-time. And reduce the amount of phone traffic in the office.

Online Scheduling gives registered patients 24-hour access to your appointment calendar. You specify availability, and they select the most convenient time for an appointment and indicate the type of care required.

First time patients can schedule an initial screening. Once screened, they can schedule subsequent treatments in accordance with the dentist's official recovery plan.

Dentistry & Dental Health Information is the one-stop portal to anything and everything that pertains to dentistry and dental health. We concentrate our efforts on discovering the most pertinent information from the most reliable sources. We bring you news and reports that address the latest developments in the world of dentistry and dental health. And we put you in touch with the conferences, organizations, listservs, online journals, and academic institutions that keep you in touch.

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