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Welcome to Fayenimation! This is my first homepage, I spend so much time making it. The main obstacle is not the technical skill of putting stuff together, but my laziness...haha. Yeah I am a student and I need to struggle for school. (school sucks!) This site will be splitted into two parts, the left menu is about Faye's music and life, the right one is about art or my drawings. Anyway, to my knowledge, I believe this site is the first Faye Wong fan site with most animations and cartoons. So I really hope I can make a difference and you will enjoy surfing this site. Most importantly, please remember not to use my graphics for your personal uses. They are copyrighted. If you want to use the cartoons for your page, please ask for my permission. I know all Fayenatics are mature enough to understand this.

---- This column will feature some interesting news highlights of Faye, please check it out later ---

This part is mainly for the updates of my art session. Whenever I added new stuff or made some changes about the graphic and animations, I will let you know at this part. So please check back later.

My guestbook is finally up, speak your words!

If you have any difficulties loading this page, or you have any suggestion for me, please email me at: