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....."Having a baby is one of the most important moments in my life" Faye has changed alot after she gave birth to Tong. She has become easier to the media and other affairs in life. She seems to be more mature and understanding. Being with Tong is a process of learning to Faye. Tong is so independent and sophisticated, yet she is very playful and outgoing. Moreover, fortune teller said Tong will bring tremendous luck to Faye's career and wealth. What a lucky child!!

Faye has composed a song for Tong named "Tong," and the baby's voice was featured in this song too. Tong also sang in "Only Love Stranger" in English. Her voice is so cute and irresistible!

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-Tong's profile:
-Name (Chinese):
-Name (English): Dou, Ching Tong
-Date of birth:3rd Jan., 1997
-Place of birth: Beijing, China
-Citizenship: Hong Kong, China
-Zodiac sign: Capricorn
-Height: still growing
-Weight: still expanding
-Family: mom, dad, big brother?
-Food: unknown
-Drink: unknown
-Singer: mom, A-mei
-Song: all songs of mom
-Best friend: Lam Ching Ha's daugter
-Featured in album: Sing & Play, O.L.S.


-Faye's profile:
-Name (Chinese):
-Name (English): Faye Wong
-Date of birth: 8th Aug., 1969
-Place of birth: Beijing, China
-Citizenship: Hong Kong, China
-Zodiac sign: Leo
-Height: 172cm (5'7.5")
-Weight: 110lb (50kg)
-Family: father, elder brother, daughter
-Fav. scenic place: Egypt
-Food: snakes, Taiwanese spicy hotpot
-Drink: Vita Soy milk, water
-Singer: Teresa Teng, Couteau Twins...
-Song: Kisses In The Wind
-Sport: Volleyball, swim
-Personal wish: Everyone is happy
-Best Friend: Carina Lau, Na Ying
-Filmography: Chunking Express,
----------------Okinawa Rendez-vous, 2046

Tong: Mom!!! I got a tattoo just too! It's a little bird, see!

Faye: Oh cute! Mine is a big bird, with only wings though. Let me tell you something, there is chicken feet tattoo on my butt too! haha!! Shu........

Tong: Haha......I am the king of Indian!!

Faye: You should say princess, not a king, Sho Lui.....


Tong: xui dux id je uou fui ei ueeee....................

Faye: Don't talk when you are eating, see you are making a mess.

Faye: Tong, smile at the camera!!

Tong:! you are so heavy...

Faye: Haha...lets sing together...lala

Tong: I can sing lyric... wowowo...

Faye: your lyric is just wowowo, girl.

Faye: hohoho...your face is so fat, squeeze squeeze!!

Tong: ................................

Tong: I can sing! I can play drums! and I can day-dream...

Faye: la, we are going to visit grandma, don't be naughty okay?

Tong: zzzz.....zzzzzzzzz.............

Tong: What are you guys looking at?

I am out of it today, no interview please.

Tong: Mom, why are you holding chopsticks?

Faye: These are not chopsticks, it's some gift to grandma. We will always remember her.

Tong: Mom, I am very happy with you.

Faye: Baby, I will always love you.

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