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....."I make music not to ingratiate the public but myself." No doubt Faye is the only singer who is qualified to make such a statement in this unhealthy Hong Kong music industry. Being the Diva of Asia, Faye has been awarded the best female singer and best vocal for a decade. Faye's music is all around every corner in Asia. From her sweet ballads to her mysterious alternative sound, she has challenged the popular norm and become the label of trend.

.....Faye survived the decay of the music industry that has been materialized and idolized. In her eyes, a temporary fame has no color. It is too easy for her to become a superstar. Nonetheless, music that makes her happy is what she only quests for. Despite the fact that making better music to her is solely self-fulfillment and a sourse of joy, she hopes people can be touched and gain happiness from her music as well.

.....The following are songs of Faye that I really love. They all give me different mood and feeling. Hope you will like them too ::

Perhaps [Didar]-------- "If I am your question mark, hope you are my equal sign." This song's lyric is special as it is full of metaphor and symbolism. The begining of the song starts with a violin chord, with a warm and nostalgic atmsophere. It's my all time favorite.
Emotional Life [Scenic tour] ------- A very mystical song composed by Faye. She uses this song to begin her concerts everytime. The background music is very cool, the arrangement rocks! I simply love it.
Splitting [Impatient]-------- "Fun Le Fun Le....." This song is composed by Cocteau Twins for Faye. A very artisitc piece, very peaceful and calm. The song ends with a broken sentence.
I don't want to be like this either [Wong Fei]-------- A melodious song with pretty sad lyrics. Faye's voice sounds so fragile but thoughtful. She sings the song in a way that she doesn't seem to care, even though she has come to a realization that all affection will end up lonesome. When I listen to this song, I feel like leaving somewhere or something I am familiar with, and regret that I haven't paid too much attention to them.
Thou [Scenic tour]-------- Although this song may not sound attractive to many people, I personally dig it. A nice folk song accompanied with lovely guitar chord.
Angel [Sky]------- This song features the best "lalala..." of Faye. So refreshing and airily pleasant. The rhythm is in volation. You can hear her lalala appear as background vocal, then transcends all instrument and reaches the climax at the end.
New tenant [Fable]-------- With the cool electronic arrangement, this song is one the best alternative songs Faye has ever composed. Her voice is like crooning with insouciance, and it is melting with the background music instead of being supported by it. Of course, Faye's voice is the best musical instrument!
Reservedness [Sky]------- I think this is the most feminine song of Faye. It captures the tenderness and faith to love of a woman. Though the lyric is very sad, it is very relaxing to hear. Faye seldom sings this song live, but she sang it at the Taiwanese Concert this year, people screamed like crazy when they heard this song.

move up My opinion: Music is beautiful when it touches your heart no matter how shity it sounds to other people. To me, music is aesthetic and there is no definition of good or bad.

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